Our Search Engine Marketing (SEM), or Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns —as with everything we do — focus on increasing your bottom line. And we do so by delivering quick results.  These campaigns can stand alone or be part of a broader strategy.  We suggest the latter of course.

Effective PPC campaigns can drive significant traffic to your site or landing page.  That require a well-oiled strategy and experience to successful maximize every dollar you spend.  The timing, cost per click and conversion tracking are just a few key elements of your PPC campaign, and they must be constantly reviewed and tweaked to drive qualified traffic.  What happens once they reach your site or landing page is critical to converting these leads to a customer?  We map this out as part of the process.

Many agencies use outdated and unsophisticated strategies to simply drive the traffic.  We get into the mind of your perspective customer to understand their intent in searching for what they are searching. Are they looking for a particular site, or information that could be found on more than one?  Is their intent to engage in web-mediated activity? Where are they in their purchase decision? These are all questions we ask ourselves as we set up each client’s campaign and tailor it to their specific needs.

We also audit a company’s current campaigns to detect changes that can be made to optimize the expenditure on PPC campaigns.  This third party look at your current campaigns has proved valuable to many companies who are attempting to maximize their expenses in PPC campaigns.

The companies that have entrusted us to run their campaigns are:

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