The world is changing. Customers are demanding more and better service, delivered through every conceivable channel.  That’s why more companies are using’s customer service software-as-a-service solution for call center CRM and help desk management. The key contrast with traditional customer support software is the “software as a service” model. Salesforce CRM Customer Service & Support is delivered by subscription over the Web, unlike on-premise customer service software. So there’s no hardware or software to purchase or maintain, and no lengthy deployment cycle to impede you, your agents, or your customers.

For simplicity, no customer service software comes close to delivering call center CRM like Salesforce CRM Customer Service & Support’s renowned ease of use means agents need less training, resolutions are speedier, and customers stay happy.’s customer service software as a service establishes the industry standard for call center CRM and customer self-service. You get the ease and functionality to maximize the productivity of every agent and deliver customer satisfaction across every channel. What’s more, with the power of the platform, Salesforce CRM Customer Service & Support can be quickly and easily extended, customized, and adapted to any customer service challenge. This stands in stark contrast with conventional customer support software.


  • Single Multi-channel case management console for agents
  • Service Cloud provides a single intuitive console for agents to respond to all issues regardless of channel.
  • The Service Cloud console is a highly optimized UI to let agents access key customer information quickly.
  •  Cases that originate in all channels including social channels are handled in the same way with a common knowledge base
  •  The case feed allows agents to see the entire case history easily across all interactions before responding.
  •  The agents can respond to an email, a tweet, or a chat session from the same interface without have to learn multiple systems, or manage multiple logins and open windows.


  • A rich self-service solution where customers can find answers to their questions online saving an expensive call to the contact center
  • With only one place to search, answers from both corporate knowledge and community generated knowledge are brought back so customers get fast accurate answers regardless of who has the answer – another customer or your employees  
  • Unanswered questions are seamlessly escalated to the contact center so that no question goes unanswered based on your business rules – such as any question sitting unanswered for a day or a question with over 10 likes.
  • Customers can collaborate with each and your employees for more engagement, ideation, and higher customer satisfaction


  • With integration to Radian 6 we can listen to over 200M social media sources and with 1-click 1 an agent can turn a post into a case.
  • With social hub we can automatically filter the large volumes of social media noise into just the actionable posts that need follow-up.
  • This could be because of certain content in the posts, how it was tagged, the profile of the poster and other determining factors.
  • Once a post has been identified for follow-up it is routed to the Service Cloud where a case can be created for an agent to review.


  • World class case management, tracking, escalation, assignment and entitlement engine; provides critical functionality to efficiently and effectively solve your customers problems and take advantage of opportunities.


  • A single and integrated profile of a customer or prospect across all channels, products and points of contact for an organization. A powerful tool to understand and address the needs of your customers.