Pro Biz Mix believes that organizations committed to creating a new web-based applications or converting traditional legacy or client/server systems to web-based applications need more than a flashy front-end web site to succeed.

Before a single line of code is written, Pro Biz Mix studies the proposed web application or existing legacy application to understand the relevant business processes and system functionality. Together with our clients, we identify any new technological requirements and perform a comprehensive risk analysis. We believe that your tolerance for surprises is even lower than ours.

Once requirements are defined, Pro Biz Mix will identify the best tools to help you achieve your business objectives. We can assist with vendor comparisons, evaluations and negotiations to help you streamline the selection process.

Pro Biz Mix will work side-by-side with your staff and vendor resources to ensure that the new web application meets requirements in a timely cost-effective manner. Our goal is a smooth transition to the new system through constant monitoring and project management.

  • Internet Strategy
  • Business Requirements
  • Technical Requirements
  • Navigation Flow
  • Web Site Design
  • Custom Application Development
  • Web Marketing Strategy