ProBizMix believes a vital, but often overlooked, component of many completed projects is knowledge transfer from consultant to staff and end user. Without comprehensive, clear documentation, organizations risk being unable to exploit a solution’s full functionality. If the project is not well understood, it will not be well executed. Features that were built and paid for may go unused and the system ultimately fails to address important end user needs. Furthermore, lack of adequate documentation puts the organization in jeopardy of ineffective, inefficient maintenance and support. ProBizMix believes that comprehensive documentation can eliminate guesswork and errors, especially at a time of a system emergency.

In addition to outstanding writing skills, our technical writing partners are trained in information technology, science, engineering, higher order mathematics and information security. They can take the most complicated concepts and translate them into well-written, understandable technical documentation.
Some typical projects include:

  • User manuals and online help
  • Application and infrastructure system documentation
  • Data center operating and recovery procedures
  • Information security policies and procedures
  • Business and technical analysis and requirements documents
  • RFPs and proposals
  • White Papers