Where will your organization be in one year? Where will it be in three years? In ten? Does your management team press toward a common, defined set of goals?
Strategic planning can keep your organization ahead of the game as well as give you the tools to know when you’re in danger of falling behind the competition. Building your organization on the foundation of a solid strategy is the key to successfully managing any organization in a complex and often chaotic business environment.

Strategic planning unites the mission and vision of the organization with the operational elements necessary for fulfilling a set of crucial objectives. At ProBizMix, we have a proven, systematic approach for moving your organization from chaos to focused decision making.

Using our approach, you will identify your company’s short-term purposes and long-term goals. You will then be able to develop specific objectives and clarify the processes to achieve them. A communications plan will provide the roadmap for uniting the entire organization. Finally, we will work with you to design a management reporting tool to serve as a decision support mechanism for achieving the defined objectives.

Through value chain analysis, we can help you steer your organization through the opportunities and threats posed by competitors, government actions, international market forces, new technologies and other factors outside your organization’s control.

Pro Biz Mix real world experience and knowledge of industry best practices in Strategic Planning Services can include:

  • Conducting comprehensive strategic business planning
  • RFP, RFI development, assessment and selection programs
  • Implementation of an Issue, risk and jeopardy process framework
  • Building effective teams and personnel management
  • Development of realistic, measurable goals
  • Creation of executive information management systems & reporting tools
  • Planning and implementation of organizational change management
  • Providing focused measurements and metrics
  • Developing and implementing activity based management