Project management is often the most overlooked component in an integrated business delivery process. Yet without skilled management, project completion is often delayed and costs escalate. Most often the problems stem from lack of proper project definition, poor communication among project participants, inefficient use of resources and improper use of systems that provide project information.

Effective project management contributes to results that meet or exceed expectations. At ProBizMix we work with you to ensure that your project is completed on time and within budget. We can serve as the project managers, directors or advisors. We provide objective comprehensive evaluation of all phases of the project management process and apply proven methodologies to your project.

Eighty-three percent of U.S. projects have their original targets changed or are cancelled. These project failures cost U.S. business $80 billion a year. With the odds already stacked against organizations that depend on projects to achieve their business objectives, it makes sense to get the expertise you need to make your next project a success.

We can help you structure, guide and manage projects and direction. Our strength is based on applying critical success factors in project management while managing scope, cost and deadlines. We have used these factors effectively to help in both advisory and project management roles.

ProBizMix real world experience and knowledge of industry best practices can serve you in:

  • Defining, scoping, organizing and staffing projects
  • Developing work break down structures and associated deliverables
  • Coaching the process and participants
  • Building effective teams and personnel management
  • Obtaining organizational commitment
  • Tracking key milestones and checkpoints through efficient project planning and scheduling
  • Identifying, acquiring and managing needed resources and skills
  • Apply proven budget and cost management routines
  • Performing risk assessments and apply mitigation techniques
  • Applying project management technology to assure quality control
  • Developing communications planning and delivery methods
  • Management of the project or program office