What do your customers think of you? Providing exceptional customer service through effective Customer Relationship Management is essential to business success. Quality Customer Relationship Management systems ensure rapid responses to all customer inquiries and are designed to boost sales and demonstrate your active concern for customer satisfaction.

A properly executed CRM strategy can deliver top-line growth and rapid ROI benefits that are hard to ignore. This is only possible with a comprehensive approach that encompasses every area of business that touches the customer – not only customer service, but also sales and marketing – through integration of people, process, and technology. The capability to integrate the application with back-office systems, emerging technologies, third party complementary applications and legacy applications is key, as is how the applications within the suite are integrated. Due to rapidly evolving customer acquisition and retention strategies, increased customer expectations and new communications channels, solutions must be highly flexible. CRM requires support for analytic architectures found in marketing, and the transactional and mobile architectures found in sales and customer service.

We recognize that business and technology today moves at un unprecedented pace, and gaining even a small competitive advantage can help organizations reap huge rewards in terms of overall health. We can help you navigate your way, whether you are thinking about taking the first step with CRM or already have a solution and need fine tuning or support. New technologies and vendors are emerging every day and understanding what each offers and how you can benefit can be a challenge. ProBizMix can help you analyze what you need, understand how it fits with your current infrastructure, and implement a solution that will drive additional revenue and customer satisfaction through services that can include:

    • Providing current state technical analysis and CRM assessments / roadmaps
    • Introducing and Developing selling methodologies and market segmentation studies
    • Package analysis as well as package selection through a published methodology
    • Designing, developing and implementing Total CRM solutions:

      * Sales Force Automation
      * Campaign Management
      * Incentive Compensation
      * Personalization
      * EIS, DSS & OLTP Analytics
      * Call Centers, inbound, outbound or technical

  • Enterprise application integration with all systems and data sources
  • Database mapping, cleansing, extraction, transformation & loading, as well as marketing and mining
  • Program management of the full lifecycle for development including assessments and risk analysis