Having the right knowledge at the right time can be the critical difference between identifying and capitalizing on a potential opportunity or seeing a competitor be first to market. Sound analysis based on accurate data is often the most important factor in preventing a small problem from becoming a major threat to your company’s profitability.

Information properly used can help your company generate leads, increase opportunities for cross selling, obtain and retain customers, detect fraud, forecast production needs, manage risk or produce more accurate reports.

The problem most companies face is not the lack of data. In fact, the amount of information can be overwhelming. The challenge is being able to mine it intelligently to obtain the knowledge you need to make strategic business decisions.

Pro Biz Mix offers services to enable companies to gather, analyze and deliver information using database systems, commonly referred to as data warehouses or data marts. Our services span the entire lifecycle of a project including planning, design, implementation and ongoing database and system management.

Our business intelligence consultants have developed data warehouses and related decision support systems in such industries as financial services, telecommunications, high technology and health care.

Data means little if it’s not accessible when and where you need it. Pro Biz Mix’s business intelligence services can give your company a competitive advantage by providing you with the tools you need to turn information into strategy.

Pro Biz Mix real world experience and knowledge of industry best practices in Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing can include:

  • Conducting comprehensive strategic business planning
  • RFP, RFI development, assessment and selection programs RFP, RFI development, assessment and selection programs
  • Implementation of an Issue, risk and jeopardy process framework
  •  Building effective teams and personnel management
  • Development of realistic, measurable goals
  • Creation of executive information management systems & reporting tools
  • Planning and implementation of organizational change management
  • Providing focused measurements and metrics
  • Developing and implementing activity based management