Each year organizations spend millions of dollars purchasing technology assets. Whether the assets are hardware, software, or corporate intellectual properties/data, keeping track of who has them, who maintains them and how they are configured is a vital, but often overlooked, management process. Effective asset management can extend the lifecycle of an asset, improve end user support and problem resolution, insure successful disaster recovery efforts, prevent law suits for noncompliance, assess risk with missing/stolen items, optimize capital budgeting, simplify upgrades and deployments, improve system security, and lower the total cost of ownership.

ProBizMix works with clients to define the policies, procedures and tools which best help them assess, plan, purchase and support their investments in technology. Depending on the organizational need, ProBizMix can design a custom solution incorporating best practices for:

  • Vendor Selection and Management
  • Service Level Agreements
  • Software Licensing
  • Inventory Control
  • Configuration Management & Change Control
  • Distribution & Deployment
  • Standardization
  • Lease Management