What is Governance and how does it impact Adoption and Change Management?
PMI: The purpose of Governance is to provide a framework of policies, procedures & standards to ensure effective execution of projects/programs and provide strategic decision support & alignment – bridging the tactical with the strategic
IT: governance implies a system in which all stakeholders, including Executives and internal customers, have the necessary input into the decision making process.
  • Drive the execution of processes by which organizations identify, prioritize, assign, execute and communicate while optimally leveraging knowledge, resources, and tools
  • Prevents making changes that benefit one group of users but impacts others
  • Avoid making platform decisions that do not support the long term objectives
  • Ensures that changes support current standard practices and processes
  • Avoid making changes to support one-off needs
  • Reduce deployment risk and raises quality of the release lifecycle
  • Align business and IT operations
  • Develop in-house salesforce.com expertise across different areas
  • A change control board should be established to review, analyze and prioritize change requests.  The committee should be comprised of members of:
    • Administration team
    • Cross functional business leads
    • IT
    • Program lead(s)

Agenda with items to be approved will be sent out 2 days prior to CCB call

  • Agenda items need to be reviewed before the call and any research questions need to be resolved prior to the call
  • New requests will be assigned an owner for analysis
Owner is expected to work with appropriate IT members for estimation
  •       The CCB call is for approving/rejecting (go/no go decisions) change requests only
  •       It is not a forum to define or resolve the request

All Change Requests should be tracked in a central location