Integrated Marketing, Sales, Customer Service and Social Transformation

Based on our experience, CRM touch-points capture data, then how to take action poses one of the most significant challenges to the success of a CRM project. The importance of data such as correlation, mapping, extraction, transformation, and integration is often grossly underestimated.  With the advent of SAAS, DAAS, IAAS, PAAS and the associated “Cloud” based technologies, ProBizMix has deep experience with tools at our disposal to integrate across all business functions and share data for a “Customer Centric” view.

The fact: CRM is about building and fostering relationships and “Social Interactions” are the lifeblood of a relationship in the Digital age. We have all experienced building relationships in our own unique way, and CRM applications have tried to track all the touch-points and interactions. Well now you can track and interact with all touch-points regardless of what they are or where they come from using

Speaking as an early adopter of new web based tools in CRM, Social, Integrated Marketing Solutions, Business Intelligence, Integration and Data Warehousing, ProBizMix has been at the forefront of the revolution and can act as your Tour Guide on the road to success with business driven solutions that are enabled by Web Based technologies and the Ecosystem that has taken shape around, it’s development platform and AppExchange.

With that said, Integration becomes the “HUB” for success in any CRM implementation. We are partners with “Best of Breed” integration companies to design success based architectures that allow data & applications from across the spectrum of legacy & custom software and systems to become connected. We also pride ourselves on a forward thinking stance around Data before we start any initiative. We have worked with D&B, Hoovers, Elsevier, Jigsaw, and many others to craft data driven solutions and are expert at data related activities.

ProBizMix is a consulting firm that believes that Transformation in Business Process & Data Management are the keys to success!